FESFna supports Deaf Reach Schools, Colleges & Training Centers, which provide education and marketable skills training for deaf children and youth, helping to meet the great need for deaf education in Pakistan. Deaf Reach schools in Pakistan currently have over 1,200 students enrolled in seven locations, with over 270 staff members, 50% of whom are deaf.

Deaf Reach Schools, Training Centers and Colleges

Less than 5% of Pakistan’s estimated one million deaf children attend school. Deaf Reach is one of the only branch networks of schools catering to the Deaf community, providing a full circle solution from education and skills training, teacher development and parent training, to job placement and community inclusion.
The program’s technology-based approach focuses on education and skills development, development of teachers, and the creation of digital Pakistan Sign Language educational resources for the Deaf.

Teachers Training Program

Teacher training for both hearing and deaf candidates is critical to meeting the educational needs of deaf children. Deaf Reach provides teacher development programs for deaf graduates that enable them to pursue a career in Deaf education.

Job Placement Program

The Job Placement Programprovides employment opportunities for Deaf Reach graduates. To date, over 1,500 young deaf men and women have acquired employment in various companies, as well as careers in Deaf Education.

Pakistan Sign Language Development


Signs documented and
digitized in PSL to create first-ever digital dictionary


Classrooms in 92 cities equipped
with digital PSL resources


PSL stories and tutorials
created in digital format

Pakistan Sign Language

Deaf Reach has developed an innovative approach for Deaf Education through the production of digital learning resources to make language development and education accessible nationwide.
The PSL team is comprised of educators, teachers, PSL sign developers, curriculum designers, and respected leaders of the Deaf community and interpreters. Deaf Reach envisions a future where education is a reality for all deaf children in Pakistan.

Make A Difference

Your donations can ensure that deaf children in Pakistan have a brighter future. Donors can claim income tax credit on donations made to FESFna.