Know The Signs Of Hearing Loss, Act Early, Prevent Speech Delay

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How To Detect Your Child May Be Facing A Hearing Loss:​

As your child grows older, there are certain signs that your child shows as proof of normal child development. The child learns to speak only if he is able to hear well. Usually parents get their babies hearing tested after birth, but there are many who do not. As time passes a child develops his language upon hearing and familiarizing with different sounds in his surroundings. If your child doesn’t show any or some of the following signs, you should definitely get your child’s hearing tested by your pediatrician today.

From birth to 4 months:

From 4 to 8 months:

From 9 to 12 months: ​

From 12 to 15 months: ​

An older child may face hearing difficulty as well. In older children, it is easier to recognize a hearing loss because they often ask you to repeat what you said, respond late when you call for them, or watch TV at a high volume. Signs similar to these mean your child needs medical help as soon as possible!

Screening and Diagnosis:

Hearing screening can easily diagnose whether your child is suffering from hearing loss. It is a very easy and painless procedure and takes only a few minutes time. Upon diagnosis, learning sign language, taking help of medical assistance such as hearing aids, or opting for surgeries (to correct some hearing loss) are some of the options parents can choose.

It is important to know the signs, act early and prevent speech delay.