This Teacher Defines The Heart Wrenching Struggles of Deaf Children

Hina Noor has been a part of the Deaf Reach family for 8 years and was instrumental in the first ever successful launch of a Sign Language lexicon created specifically for Pakistan.

Hina intimately understands the need for specifically designed, standardized educational methods and techniques for the Deaf, Growing up with 3 deaf siblings, she shared in their frustrations as they were unable to make sense of the world around them, having no sign language skills. Hina acted as interpreter and guide, coming up with a home-grown collection of signs, an almost solitary voice of encouragement for her brothers and sisters. Today her siblings are bright, young professionals, each a Deaf pioneer in their chosen fields.

Modest as she is, Hina knows what it took to get her siblings where they are today. Every day, she stands witness to the decades of wasted potential when working on creating signs for basic academic vocabulary- how can this situation have gone on so long? Her voice falters as she wonders aloud if the Deaf in Pakistan are aware of the options she and the team at Deaf Reach are trying so hard to craft.

Hina knows the need for awareness and proper guidance is a major milestone to be tackled in the country. She also knows that education begins at home, and beams with pride as she recounts the success of the Parent Training Program, and that the majority of all the parents across the 7 Deaf Reach Campuses are now literate in Sign Language.
Deaf Reach, with numerous programs designed to provide resources and training to the Deaf community aims to empower, educate and encourage, above all else.