Sign language: New opportunities for the hearing-impaired

A memorandum of understanding was signed to develop a sign-language curriculum called Life Skill Based Education (LSBE) for young hearing-impaired people that lack the necessary resources. It was signed by the Family Education Services Foundation (FESF) and Rutgers WPF Pakistan, said a press release.
The curriculum’s sign-language vocabulary will compromise of 500 words. Once the language is developed, it will be collaborated with FESF schools for deaf people. The language will also enable social workers to effectively interact with and convey LSBE lessons to young people.
Through LSBE, hearing-impaired individuals from ages 10 to 24 will develop communication, negotiation, personal and critical-thinking skills. The curriculum will help them deal with everyday challenges, increase their self-esteem and assist them in everyday social situations.
LSBE is defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enables individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.”
The initiative will help develop resources for young deaf people and help them communicate regarding their reproductive health issues, Rutgers WPF Country Representative Qadeer Baig said.